Tools for manual routers

With far more than 1000 different articles one of the most extensive tool programs for the manual and industrial production on hand routers worldwide.



The right drill for every material and every application. All common quick-change chucks, drill chucks and drill bit holders are suitable.


Solid Carbide Milling Tools

From roughing to finishing or for nesting machining, here you will find the right solid carbide high-performance tool from JSO for your special application.


Carbide / Inserts milling tools

With our patented RAPIDO removable disk system, you can get the profile you need within a few days. You want joining, rebating, grooving or face milling to be no problem – immerse yourself in one of the most demanding tool programs for your
CNC production.


Diamond milling tools

Diamond-tipped tools developed for the most demanding machining operations and highest feed rates in all common and modern materials of today. From softwood to hardwood, MDF, plasterboard or carbon, the JSO diamond cutter quality will inspire you.


Clamping systems for CNC machines

Our clamping systems for milling, drilling, countersinking and sawing applications are available from stock in all common designs and all common machine connections. Please ask us for special dimensions for any requirements.


DIGITEC measuring system

Length measuring system for easy handling and fast measuring directly at the machine. Very user-friendly and inexpensive alternative to conventional measuring systems. Can also be used simultaneously only for clamping tools.


Milling tools for machining plastics

With our milling cutter portfolio we cover almost every milling application in the machining of modern lightweight construction materials and thermoplastics. Our milling tools are used worldwide in the most diverse applications.


Spare parts and accessories

Here you will find all original spare parts from reversible blades, hook wrenches and screws to thrust bearings suitable for all JSO products.


Tools for HPL processing

With JSO’s HPL tools, you optimize your production and rely on high-quality and precise application possibilities.