JSO presents - Rounding over cutter 22240

Focus on versatility: One tool for many applications

The background for the development of this end mill lay in the challenge of producing different radii with one tool and giving the user the option of independently adapting the tool for this purpose.

This development impulse gave rise to the 22240 indexable insert rounding cutter. The user can now produce different curves or a chamfer on the workpiece with one milling tool by independently changing and rotating the inserts. In addition, it is possible for the user to install an insert with the same radii, resulting in four times the tool life.

Previously, it was necessary to use different tools with fixed soldered cutting edges to achieve the desired curves. This resulted in a great deal of effort due to the repeated changing of the tool and thus in additional costs.

With the classic insert technology, the tool life could be extended compared to conventional tools, with fixed cutting edges. For the customer, this means not only considerable time savings, but also significant cost savings and no external service effort. The insert rounding cutter is available in three different shank sizes and offers a high degree of flexibility thanks to the blades with different radii. This tool is ideal for rounding and chamfering edges on solid wood, panel materials and plastics.

JSO is known for individual tool developments, which are based on the requirements of the market, and can therefore always offer tool innovations in the woodworking industry, which make the customers' applications more process reliable and economical.

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