Reversible Milling Cutters & Carbide Cutters

With our patented RAPIDO removable disk system, you can get the profile you need within a few days. You want joining, rebating, grooving or face milling to be no problem – immerse yourself in one of the most demanding tool programs for your
CNC production.


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Whether jointing cutters, rebate cutters, slot cutters or face milling cutters, with the selection of milling tools from JSO from the standard range or special toolmaking, you can produce any desired profile. The wide range of fixed carbide cutters complements JSO's portfolio of quality milling cutters.

  • Jointing cutters
  • Rebating cutters
  • Grooving cutters
  • Surfacing cutters
  • 4Cut Roughing cutters
  • Cutters w. interch. TC tips for free profiling
  • Router cutters
  • Aperture cutters