Drills / Quick-Change Adaptors for Drills  

The right drill for every material and every application. All common quick-change chucks, drill chucks and drill bit holders are suitable.


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Precise bores in shape and tolerance are the goal of every machining operation. Drilling tools from JSO are designed for manual or mechanical application, depending on the version.
JSO offers drills for solid wood, board materials (MDF) and thermosets as well as thermoplastics. Special drills are also available for machining materials made from combinations of different material types. For example, special solutions for materials that are difficult to machine, such as mineral or fiber composites, can be found in the tool range.

Cutting drills from JSO:

  • Twist drills
  • Boring pins
  • Dowel drills
  • Through-hole drills
  • Cylinder boring bits
  • Stockade drills
  • Countersunks
  • Loose countersunks
  • Counterbores