Tools for Portable Routers

With far more than 1000 different articles one of the most extensive tool programs for the manual and industrial production on hand routers worldwide.


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The quality of a milling operation depends on the milling tool used. Quality manual routers from JSO meet the highest quality requirements for milling work in CNC machines. JSO manual routers promise the highest surface finish and consistent quality, not only for industrial or ambitious craftsmen. The most common profile cutters and contour cutters are in stock and have a short delivery time. Special requirements for special profiles can be realized in cooperation with our technical team. In the standard range JSO offers the following hand routers:

  • Grooving cutters
  • Dovetail cutters
  • Panel pilot cutters
  • Weatherstrip cutters
  • V-Grooving / Engraving cutters
  • Trimming cutters
  • Rebating cutters
  • Core box cutters (oder Rounding over cutters)
  • Surfacing cutters
  • Stepped cutters
  • Slot bits
  • Drain board cutters
  • Ball groove cutters
  • Finger pull cutters
  • Roman ogee cutters
  • Sunk bead cutters
  • Raised panel cutters