Diamond Milling Cutters

Diamond-tipped tools developed for the most demanding machining operations and highest feed rates in all common and modern materials of today. From softwood to hardwood, MDF, plasterboard or carbon, the JSO diamond cutter quality will inspire you.


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Diamond-tipped tools are designed for demanding machining operations with the highest quality and performance requirements. The machining possibilities include various materials, such as solid wood, MDF, gypsum board or composite materials. Diamond tools are a guarantee for optimum workpiece surfaces, sharp edges and tear-free work results. Optimum chip disposal and tool stability are also ensured due to the tool design.

The diamond cutters differ, among other things, in the condition of the basic tool body of the tool cutting edges and the tool cuts. Depending on the design, the cutters are suitable for various types of wood, multiplex and MDF, chipboard and OSB boards or Gibs cardboard, Gibs fiberboard and cement-bonded wood fiberboard.  The diamond tools also achieve outstanding cutting results with laminates such as HPL and Tespa, thermoplastics, fiber-reinforced plastics (GRP and CFRP) and solid surface materials (Corian and Varicor).

Depending on the application, JSO's tool specialists recommend different diamond cutters, such as:

  • Finishing cutters
  • Roughing cutters
  • Grooving cutters
  • Surfacing cutters
  • Jointing cutters