Tools for
hand routers

With well over 1000 different articles, one of the most extensive tool programs for manual a industrial production an hand routers worldwide.

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The right drill for every material an every application. Matching all common quick-change chuck, drill chuck and drill bit holder.

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Solid carbide milling cutter

From roughing to finishing or for nesting machining, here you will find the right solid carbide high-performance tool from JSO for your specific application.

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HW and WP milling cutter

With our patented RAPIDO interchangeable panel system, you can get the profile you need within a few days.

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Diamond milling cutter

Diamond-tipped tools developed for the most demanding machining and highest feed rates in all common and modern materials of today.

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Clamping devices

Our clamping systems for milling, drilling, countersinking and sawing applications are available from stock in all common designs and all common machine connections.

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Tools for HPL materials

With the HPL tools from JSO you optimise your production and rely on high-quality and precise application possibilities.

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Tools for thermoplastics

Crystal clear cutting results with JSO thermoplastic cutters

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Manufacturer of CNC precision tools for wood,
plastic and composite in the standard and individual segment.

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