Tools for Machining HPL

What is HPL?

With the HPL tools you optimize your production and rely on high-quality and precise results. These tool geometries are optimally adapted to various plastics, aluminum, wood materials and, of course, also for the typical HPL materials.


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HPL laminates have become indispensable in the production of surface profiles for interior and exterior applications. JSO is an experienced tool manufacturer offering tools for plastics, aluminium and composite wood/ board materials as well as special solutions for the optimal machining of typical HPL panel profiles using customised
tool geometries.
With HPL tools from JSO – a partner with years of experience and technical know-how who supports you even when you have unusual requirements offering individual solutions – you can optimise your production and depend on high-quality and precise application options.

Check out the various tools for HPL materials in the brochure:


What is HPL?

HPL stands for High Pressure Laminate. HPL laminates, formed under high pressure, are made of paper, wood fibres and melamine resin or decorative paper. During production, layers of paper are pressed together with melamine resin at over 5 MPa pressure and 120°C.

What are the properties of HPL materials?

HPL laminated panels are non-deformable and highly resistant to temperature (up to 180°C). At the same time, the material is extremely weather resistant. Other advantages
include fire safety and resistance to impacts and scratching.


Where is HPL used?

HPL sheets are ideal both for outdoor and indoor use. Applications range from facade cladding and garden furniture to interior partition walls and shower panels.

How are HPL materials processed?

HPL panels are more difficult to machine than other materials. Thus it is extremely important to use the most appropriate tool for the particular machining application.
With quality tools from JSO which have been specially developed for HPL machining, you can work precisely and effectively, thus ensuring consistently high quality.