Technology Center

Perfection in detail: At the JSO Technikum, we shape groundbreaking high-performance tools.

In order to be able to face new challenges every day, we have the possibility to process the most diverse machining tasks in our own test environment.

Various test systems (CNC or hand-guided machines) are available for basic or endurance tests, the running-in of customer-specific machining tasks or the determination of optimal process data.

Test and measuring stands to determine e.g. cutting forces, processing temperature and the quality of the processing are available and indispensable for the processing of composite and wood-based materials.

In addition, all development steps for optimal tool design can be presented transparently and reliably in our technical center.


In the world of CNC machining, the quality of our tools is crucial for outstanding precision and superior productivity. Our technical center serves as an innovation center where we meticulously screen and evaluate development steps to guarantee unsurpassed quality:

🛠️ Robustness: Through demanding load tests, we push tools to the limits of their load capacity in order to use tools of the highest reliability even in the most extreme applications.

🌐 Material diversity: With test runs in a wide variety of materials, we achieve maximum efficiency and performance to provide you with the best solutions.

📐 Precise cutting edge geometry: Through fine optimization of tool and cutting edge shapes, we improve aspects such as chip removal and tool life, for an even better machining result.

🔄 Speed & feed: By precisely adjusting the parameters, we achieve an optimum balance between speed and tool life to always achieve best performance.

🌬️ Cooling management: Precise cooling systems keep operating temperatures in the ideal range and minimize wear to ensure long tool life.

📊 Quality assurance: We rely on rigorous testing procedures to verify the performance of our tools under a wide range of materials and conditions.

At the JSO Technical Center, we ensure that our tools are trimmed to perfection for high performance. Precision, durability and productivity are always guaranteed. Welcome to the world of top-class tool development!